Why Everton’s stars are vital to England’s World Cup chances

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Ross Barkley can make his name in Brazil (Picture: Getty Images)

For the first time since maybe the 1980’s, the success of England will depend on the ability of several Everton players.

Over the past decade Evertonians have always been on the fringes of the England National Team. It took Leighton Baines a good six years to become
the starting left-back.

Phil Jagielka has had to wait for age and injury to seduce England’s center backs. Ross Barkley will be in Brazil, but England may not have a coach with the ability to utilize him.

But the performance of these three players will determine England’s success. The Three Lions have some talent up front, but in back the squad has been suspect for much of the past four years. Glen Johnson isn’t going to set anyone on fire, and Phil Jagielka is likely to be covering for the Liverpool man a lot.

On the…

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The World Cup 2014

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So I watched a documentary on BBC3 the other day about David Beckham going to Brazil. And in it, he explains to a man in the Amazon rainforest what a footballer does. He basically says ‘there are two teams and you have to kick a ball in between the other teams two posts’. This highlights exactly how pointless the ‘beautiful’ game is! You are kicking a ball. In between two poles. For billions of pounds a month. What?!
What I’m trying to say here is that if they are getting paid so much money to do something as trivial as that, we better win the World Cup. Why pay billions to LOSE at such a simple game?
Anyway, here’s a link to a summary of Beckham’s documentary (it was really good) and if you want to watch it on iplayer, click here. (The link will expire eventually!)

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The World Cup is NOT Fixed

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Despite the actions of the referee in Thursday’s Brazil vs Croatia game, I do NOT believe that the World Cup is fixed. I also believe in unicorns, honest politicians, friendly DMV employees and ethical insurance companies.

On most days during corner kicks you can see choke-holds, arm-bars, full-nelsons, half-nelsons, eye-gouges, bear-hugs and players even popping each other with tazers from time to time, but fouls are rarely if EVER called. It’s curious to me…wait, I mean “mind-boggling” oops, I mean “suspicious” to me that the referee in Thursday’s World Cup opening match would call a penalty kick against Croatia and IN FAVOR of the home team for something so innocuous as a little hand on the shoulder.

NOBODY and I mean NOBODY thinks it was a penalty kick. But the “man in the middle” did and that is all that matters. And that, is a major problem. After Neymar buried…

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