Breaking Point-James Gunn (Short Stories)

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james gunn-breaking point

Eight stories from 1953,54,57,68,69,70.  Favorites:

“Breaking Point” (1953 novelette) – The Earth ship Ambassador lands on a far off plant to see if it’s fit for a colony. They don’t see anything that could be intelligent life but get a message of welcome. When they try to leave they can’t get through the airlock. The pilot tries to lift the ship into orbit. They’re not going anywhere. The pilot has reached his breaking point. The rest of the crew approaches theirs.

‘A Monster Named Smith” (1954) – Space explorers bring back an alien sheep. Breaking out of it is a blob like substance. They don’t know it’s intelligent. It escapes and enters the mind of a drunk named George Smith. All around him the hunt for the alien continues and everyone in a restricted area is gunned down if they can’t get out. A friendly soldier allows George to escape.

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