Emails That Go Bump In The Night

This Is Not My World

he email came in late at night. I should have left it til morning. Didn’t.

Read the first few lines and was not happy.

I’m still in negotiation to option my screenplay. The prospective Producers have replied to my last counter offer. My ultimatum. The  sticking point of our negotiation has been the purchase price. They’ve been offering a flat payment. I have been pushing for a percentage of the budget (which is fairly standard, as I understand it).

They’ve finally flat out refused my request. Said they’d never accept a percentage. Gave Lawyer a final offer. They ultimatummed by ultimatum! Some new version of their previous flat rate– I skimmed it– Late, tired– Was disappointed, perplexed, a little pissed off.

Computer off. Late night talk with Wife. Told her I just didn’t think I could do it. I couldn’t accept this deal. It just wasn’t right. And…

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