Bible 7: Way out as way forward (b)


(This is the seventh of a periodic series devoted to random Bible reflections. Each post will bear the “Bible” title together with a number so that they can be collected or read sequentially, even though other posts will be interspersed amongst them.)

The Exodus is Israel’s formative event.

That was the main point established in the last post in this series. It was placed in the context of the work of Old Testament scholar Martin Noth, whose insights were carried on by Gerhard von Rad and his school (amongst which I number myself,) the gist of which is that the Exodus experience was the reality of a few of the tribal units of what would later become Israel. This begs the question as to why or how this experience was so compelling as to become “Israel’s formative event.” The Sinai events are the clue to that.

There are three separate…

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