Football Hangover


As previously mentioned, the Seattle Seahawks did well this year in football.  Ridiculously well.  Won some championship game or something.

Seriously, there are a lot of parallels between the city’s relationship with sports and Kansas City’s — this is the first time that either city has won a major sports championship in the NFL/MLB/MLS in years.  For Seattle, the last major win (ignoring the Sounders USOC wins and the WNBA) was in 1979; for Kansas City, it was 2000 (when the then-Wizards were attracting about a third of the crowd they attract now).  So, it’s been a long time coming for both sides.

And yet, I’ve gotta say, I feel like I’m in a football hangover.  While I’m thrilled that the Seahawks won — I was ready for it all to be over with, oh, about a month ago.  Yes, it’s ridiculously awesome, and I’m not denying that one…

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