Where is the love?!

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So…LOVE, let’s talk about it.

This month is the month for love, February, Valentine’s Day etc.

However, my focus in this post is about a very different, very basic, very simple kind of love.  Love for one another.

The majority of us generally only have love reserved in our hearts for our loved ones and that’s it. No one else.  There are some who do display and actually have love for others and they give their gift of time to charities or the gift of finance to efforts that they believe in.  

That’s great, but where is the love for the people that cross our paths every day? We each encounter hundreds of people a week! People that we barely acknowledge barely notice and constantly overlook.  Where is the love?

                      be love

Sometimes I feel like our society is lacking in basic kindness and general politeness things that are so…

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