Grace Wins


Being a Christian is hard. 

I am quick to claim my Christianity, my peace of mind, my “I choose to follow Christ.” And I am just as quick to slip back into the easy, glittery and charming ways of the world. When everyone I’m around is cursing, it’s easy to curse. In fact, in my imperfection, sometimes it’s harder not to curse. When people I talk to act like it’s a sin not to have sex with your boyfriend, it’s easy to think “Well, I’m in a committed relationship with him, and we love each other and are thinking about marriage and we already have a daughter, so I guess this one time wouldn’t be bad, right?” In my imperfection, it’s much harder to say no. When everyone is talking about that person that gets on your nerves as much as the rest, it’s easy to join in the gossip…

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