Down The Rabbit Hole: A Disney/Pixar Valentine’s Day Special

Nostalgic For The Present


I hate Valentine’s Day. It is a hallmark ‘holiday’ created purely for the sake of guilt tripping people into doing something special for their significant other. Nonetheless, I can’t deny the marketing value of it so I’m just going to try and make the most out of this opportunity.

Like I mentioned in a previous Pixar-related post, one of my favourite storytelling maxims is aiming to evoke a sense of wonder in the audience. This moment occurs when a director is at the peak of his/her creative powers and constructs a scene that is so beautiful that all you can feel is the world slowly dissolve around you. It is the moment when you completely forget that you are watching a film and become fully immersed in the characters and the domain they inhabit. Few directors are able to do this on a consistent basis and it is this…

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