Love is in the air… literally!

Reverend Joshua Volle

Love created life in Its own image … (adapted from A Course in Miracles, Lesson 67)

This idea is an accurate statement of what you are!

What if every day of our lives we lived from this Truth? What would the human experience be like if we consciously and awarely stepped out into the world Loving everyone and everything?

Since today is the day we celebrate love, lets all take at least an hour today to raise our level of Love to be universal and without borders, try it for the entire day if you want. But for at least a moment Love, truly Love, without any conditions; for love with conditions is actually not Love at all.

This about this…

1) If Love created you like itself then Love must be within you.

2) If Love is within you/me/everything then it can be found and brought out

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