Out to meet my Valentine’s

Faith and Poetry's Home..

With the songs of
‘Can you feel the love tonight’
playing in the deepest jungle
With sweet fumes
Calling my name
As I finish from work

The bell of the train
Rhymes jiggles of romance
After several walk on the trail
It finally stopped at the foot
Of my habitat

I joggle down
To meet my lioness
As we kiss with smile
From afar
And warm embrace

The moon cast its shade
On us as we stand in the spotlight
With the stars bending low
At our circle
And trees making way
For the little animal’s peep

The face of the Sun
Hides away in its nest
With trumpets playing
The sounds of the bird

Tonight seems promising
With sprinkles of love
Wetting our feet
As we hold our hands
And rub shoulders
As time play on

Photo: lettersfromladygodiva.blogspot.com

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