Borghese Gallery and Museum, Adventure Included

moonlight chronicles

A class excursion took us to the Borghese Gallery. It was the most beautiful gallery and museum that I have seen.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, so I will post a few pictures of my favorite artworks that the Borghese provided on their website.

This was one of the most important center pieces:

Apollo and Daphne

This sculpture is a story: as you walk around it you see the metamorphosis of Daphne being turned into a tree. The story behind it was that Daphne a nymph wanted to stay a virgin but she was pursued by Apollo. In an attempt to save her chastity her father Peneus turned her into a laurel tree.

Sacred and Profane Love Sacred and Profane Love by Titian (masterpiece)-  photo credit: Borghese gallery website

This painting represents both earthly and heavenly love. The woman is the same person this painting was given as a gift to celebrate a wedding. According to…

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