He’s Late-I’m Frustrated! Who’s Responsible?

Less Stress Business

LateI’m in a coffee shop awaiting the arrival of a new professional contact. My annoyance is rapidly rising. It’s now 10-minutes past our 1:00pm meeting time. So, I send him a text message to see if our meeting is still on.

“Sorry. Got tied up,” is the reply. “Be there in 10.”

OK, I think, I can chill with my coffee for another ten minutes.

It turns out his sense of ten minutes is more than optimistic. As I sit there simmering something big starts to dawn on me. With a flash of insight I realize I need to own up to my share of responsibility for my current situation.

“Really,” you might be thinking, “He’s the one who’s late.”

While that is true, I have to admit, there are things I could have done to have improved or even avoided the situation. For example:

  • Since this was our…

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