Less Screwing, More Screwing

Opine Season

Hannah Cushing Hannah Cushing

Years of dating, internet dating, subsequently quitting internet dating, and being the female accepted into groups of males has given me the unique vantage point of having witnessed quite a bit of ridiculous, self and other sabotaging, and just plain stupid or crazy behavior.

Individuals of both genders collectively work to create sets of expectations that limit the capacity to communicate or build effective relationships.

Ways individual women sabotage all women:

  • Playing hard to get. Ladies, it’s perfectly okay to be hard to get or not, if that’s your thing, but either way don’t play. In a rape culture, it is important that we preserve a distinct difference between “no” and “yes.”
    Don’t be party to training men to disregard what your words say for what your actions are saying or vice versa.

  • Becoming the crazy ex. Almost every every man who’s been single beyond his early…

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