NBA Trade Deadline: Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo Among Enticing Names On Block

Kevin Love, Kenneth Faried8 a.m. ET : Let’s make a deal!

Well, OK, we’re not the ones making the deals here. Instead, it’s the front office executives for all 30 teams who will pore over scouting reports and statistics to determine what moves, if any, to make before Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

Several big names are believed to be on the trade block, with Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo, Pau Gasol and Kyle Lowry among the All-Star caliber players who could be on the market. Rudy Gay and Luol Deng have already been moved, with the latter already popping up in new rumors. As so many teams jockey for position at the bottom to try to improve their draft position, it’s unlikely this will be a star-studded deadline day. But anything is possible.

The Brooklyn Nets started a day early by acquiring Marcus Thornton from the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Jason Terry and…

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