Yours, mine and ours*

Weather Vane Sisterhood

*I originally wanted to title this post as Yours (the Xbox), mine (the books) and ours (at last!), but my awesome editing sister changed it.

So, I have just moved into a new apartment alone with the boy, Joe. And the first night I was laying in bed next to him I realized: I have never lived alone with one person, a significant other, ever before.

I have done the living on my own with strangers for college, and then living on my own with friends, and then I did the moving back into my mom’s house thing. Then in a slightly awkward turn, Joe and I lived at my mom’s house, after a minor upset with his roommate, and then another slightly awkward turn when we moved to, what I affectionately call, The Land of the Snow, where we moved in with Joe’s mom.

Now we have our own…

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