Bastian Bucks

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 10.22.01 am Life waits, we stream through synchronicity
Idle change with statements, truths complicity
Owed dues, they seem to own proof
Token bruise, a focused view, soaked
Speak in evens though the owners knew

Whittled, I work my way from the pavement
Definitions defined, stained from your wavers
Strained, estranged from my neighbours
Waking days, keep away, wait here with patients

White rooms, walls to talk to
While the awkward Voices stalk you
Misfortune we walk with caution
We taught to read an open mood

As night passes, lightning, light shimmers
Sinners, cry, denied, spiked by life bringers
Fallen views, unglued to a chosen few
Empty breath is a lonely view
Expressed, momentarily to get this off my chest

It’s true..

Wrists bled from work a falling mess
Bruised, call collect, heads up they said your next


Artist: Ryohei Hase

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