Book of Enoch! – Part 5


What’s kickin’? Me, as always trying to have a GREAT Day as I hope that you are likewise! In Part 5 of the Series The Book of Enoch, I show the ONES that have had the blinders removed an very interesting scenario. After I lay this out the best I can, YOU decide if I am wrong or RIGHT!

While I was just reading The Book of Enoch the Georgia Guidestones kept creeping in my mind. This just did not happen once either. It actually has been pretty frequent. So, I started the cross reference thingy if you get the meaning here.

For the ONES that do not know about the Georgia Guidestones, I will give a quick and rough overview so that you will understand the direction I am coming from with this.

The Georgia Guidestones were created by one person named R. C. Christian! This is NOT

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