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Chocolate Vent

My Facebook page is finally starting to pop, ya’ll! Not only do my daily posts & questions of the day pop up, but I also include interesting news articles and additional discussion every day . My Facebook page is: (they wouldn’t let me use the whole word “Chocolate” so I had to abbreviate).

You can also find me on Twitter @Chocolate_Vent. The Twitter app is on my phone so that I can send out my random thoughts throughout the day. And trust me, there are lots of crazy thoughts that come through. Here are some examples:

“I am mad at myself for buying 1-ply tissue. Why, oh why???!”

“I’m not single, I’m just in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future”

“Men already know that women talk a lot, so get over it.”

“’Evil never sleeps, but ugly gets plenty of rest.’ Lol!”


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