Strategies for utilizing Groundswell…

A Glimpse into the Instantaneous 21st Century

social network Understanding the groundswell is one thing, but if you don’t use it properly then you will fail rapidly. In chapter 4, we finally get to learn how to implement the groundswell from a business perspective.  A common problem that businesses run into, is the groundswell approach-avoidance syndrome.  The foundation of groundswell thinking is exemplified throughout a systematic framework for assembling your approach to reaching their coveted goals; the 4-step planning process : the POST method. 

People – It’s important to assess how your customers will engage, based on what they’re already doing. Glancing over and skipping this measure can lead to detrimental results, as it leaves you guessing about your customers demands. The Social Technographics Profile that I covered in one of my previous post, helps determine the demographics of your customers. For example, what if you spent countless hours building a whole social-networking strategy but to only realize…

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