Tracks Review (2014)

Semantic Cinematics

Tracks 5Tracks is an achingly beautiful representation of the concept of isolation, set in rural Australia the only thing that will keep you alive is your own will to live. Based on the remarkable true story of Robyn Davidson, Tracks will take you on a journey, one that you will not want to go one, but one that you will be glad that you did.

Producer Emile Sherman said, “Sometimes, to work out who you actually are, yo need to put all distractions aside”, and that is exactly what Davidson did as the 25 year old set out on the 2,700km journey. The storyline is basic, yet effective, it is entirely up to the opinion of the audience to understand exactly why Davidson is making this journey, some would interpret it as she is following in her father’s shoes, who is a great explorer. I, however, would say that the entirety…

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