Walking with confidence! :)

My life, my world and my thoughts!

It was a good day for me at the college today, although the walk there was quite hard going – I enjoyed it.  I woke up feeling good, though slightly anxious.  It was one of those times when I felt a bit out-of-breath, so I calmed myself down a little before leaving the door and the anxiety symptom went away a bit.  I never let my thoughts carry me away and I stuck to my principles.  I also did my meditation before leaving a little, so all in all it went quite good.

My diabetes has been much better controlled when at the college, I feel much more competent in controlling it, I seen good numbers in college – which is nice to see.  I just feel like I am more in control of my diabetes, oppose to it controlling me, the same with the anxiety.  Though don’t get me…

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