Coddling Customers and Christian Consumersim

Being God's "Will"

I work for a Christian retailer, so unlike vocational ministry, I have a little bit of expertise in this area.

The organization I work for has a good heart and truly wants to serve their customers spiritually as well as materially. Even though it has not always been easy, I have enjoyed working there and when I move on I will miss the people I work with.

That being said, I am concerned.

There is a crucial biblical balance between serving people and calling them to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel. Serving customers does not inhibit them from living out the implications of their calling; the purpose is to empower our customers, not to coddle them.

More and more I am seeing Christians demanding better service from a Christian retailer; if Barnes and Noble or Amazon can sell it to them cheaper, we should be willing to…

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