My Faith Revived

MY HOPE FOR AMERICA UNDER GOD - "Hope is patience with the lamp lit." Tertulian "For we are saved by hope."Romans 8:24 I Shall not keep silent!

jesus%20holding%20flag My faith is un-shakeable, after what my long life has endured, from abuse in a marriage in my 20’s to my youngest son’s bi-polar disorder and suicide in 1999 when only 19, to losing my first baby at only 3 mos in 1958. GOD has restored me and healed me, with forgiveness to all others that offended me. I love my Lord, my Country, ALL that He created, in beauty and blessings; this great land of America, my ancestor, Major Ezekiel Worthen, who was in the King George War, the French Indian War, The American Revolution and the Siege at Louisburg. I believe in liberty, freedom which comes with a price..Thank you Jesus for all you’ve done in my life. Yes,I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, for He never lets us go through more than we can endure.

I wrote the following excerpts in one of…

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