Shifting Gears

Ardent Maverick

“Hey! We are going for that symposium at XYZ college, want to join us?”

“No. It ends at 7. My parents expect me to be at home by 6.”


“Hey! Come on Facebook for a group chat! I just got an awesome idea!”

“No. Sorry, my Dad doesn’t like me using Facebook so late in the night.”


“Hey! I was bored so just called to talk. What are you doing?”

“Hi! Ummm… Can I talk to you later, my Mom doesn’t like me talking to boys.”


“Hey! I am planning to take a short film, would you like to do a small role?”

“Wow! I would love to but my boyfriend wouldn’t like that.”


“Hey! We are having a small reunion dinner this weekend. Can you join?”

“I am afraid I can’t. My husband is busy this weekend and he would not like me going anywhere without him.”

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