This Tech Company Made Its Product Free In Venezuela To Fight Government Censorship

david gorodyanskyTimes are complicated in Venezuela right now. Citizens are protesting the governmentin response to rising inflationand increased criminal violence (such as the high-profile murder of Monica Spear, former Miss Venezuela). Meanwhile, theVenezuelan government has taken to censoring parts of the Internet, blocking Twitter images in an attempt to make the protests seem less widespread.

The government blocks everything it considers affecting its reputation, without administrative process or rules,” Jorge Salazar Lamas told us via email. He’s a 38-year-old financial analyst who lives in Caracas. “Here you can see a list of sites blocked, but there is no transparency to the process. We can imagine that there is much more of the Web that we cannot access from Venezuela.”

Enter a company called AnchorFree, which makes a product called Hotspot Shield. This is a VPN service, short for “virtual private network.” When browsing the Web…

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