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Bible hates women? 3.14 Maybe you’ve heard someone talk along these lines. Maybe you’ve thought it yourself. But it is true?

I could blather on about how Christianity upholds women in a way that its critics simply don’t want to acknowledge. But why listen to me when you can read it from women who publicly acknowledge their faith in Jesus Christ (whom serious Christians, and many others, believe is the son of God)?

I emailed this graphic, originally published on an atheist Internet community, to several Christian women. Here is a sample of their responses:

Jerri Menges:
God chose a woman to bring the Savior of man into the world. In the Bible, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, not only because He loved Lazarus, but because He loved Mary and Martha (the sisters of Lazarus). He saw their hurt and He was compassionate for them, too.

In the Bible, I find my true…

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