Learning To Live

ALAians Media

To be alive is to breathe. It’s to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. It’s to take in clean air and breathe out toxic air. It’s pretty much the easiest thing you do.

It’s so easy that a lot of us become pretty complacent in just doing that for the rest of our lives, just breathing in and out. Staring at computer screens, breathing in and out. Getting that degree your parents want, breathing in and out. Getting a job, breathing in and out. Walking home from work, breathing in and out.

It’s no accomplishment to be alive. It’s no big thing to breathe, walk, run, feed yourself and sustain the necessary life support it takes to keep your body healthy and working. It’s really nothing that great to keep yourself alive, I mean, we all do it.

The really accomplished, the ones people talk about, are those who…

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