What I’m reading and what you should be reading too

Pinwheels and Promotions

One of the internet’s finest qualities (besides it’s wildly successful ability to waste hours of my life – tumblr, I’m looking at you), is its wealth of great TV writing. Below are just a few of the sites I visit daily to get some perspective on the shows I watch. Reading the fresh opinions, decisive arguments, and quippy wit of these writers is part of the fun of watching TV in the first place. I encourage you to read them, and please comment with ones I might’ve missed.

Happy reading!

The illustrious A.V. Club is home to the most honed, readable, and loved TV writing on the web. They write report cards and they mean business.

The trendy Salon team is always equipped with great think pieces.

Brutally honest, Slate doesn’t hold anything back.

Hands-down some of the best writers on the internet reside at The Atlantic. Mildly intimidating, they have air-tight…

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