BRASIL 2014 ~ Colombia vs. Greece #5


This was the most boring game so far. Mind you there’s a 4:00 a.m kick off for Ivory Coast and Japan. ..

FINAL SCORE : COLOMBIA 3-0 Greece (Armero, Guitierrez, Rodriguez)

Forget the score for a minute because I just have to point out that Greece are just too bloody good. Sokratis and co. are so solid at the back. They all have good enough pace, strength, they’re good in the air and they can all tackle. Slap Argentina’s attacking options in front of them and we’d have favourites for the entire tournament. Don’t get me wrong, Colombia also defend really well and look likely to progress in the shittiest group of the entire tournament. I don’t give Greece a chance because they don’t look very dangerous when they attack. Whether Japan or Ivory Coast can do it, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Colombia did pick up an early…

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