Looking Back?


from mybrokenheart-allisongraff.blogspot.com from mybrokenheart-allisongraff.blogspot.com

This is a photograph from near the dead sea and it has been known as “Lot’s Wife”. The story goes that when the angels rushed Lot, his wife, and their family out of Sodom and Gomorrah just moments before its destruction, they were instructed to keep moving away from there and to ‘NOT LOOK BACK’ – however, Lot’s wife did look back and was instantly turned into a pillar of salt due to her disobedience.

This seems to us quite drastic a move on God’s part – but it is not. He requires our obedience to His instructions.

We may be guilty of taking backward glances ourselves from time to time . . . and, when I think about the times I’ve done that, I shudder. What if God had treated me the same way? Thankfully, in His great mercy, He has not.

But, this did get me…

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