The Osama Bin Laden Academy for gays, women, and firemen/firewomen, pork chefs, Jews, etc.

Hugh Paxton's Blog

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests the establishment of an academy dedicated to teaching, fostering, encouraging and promoting lots and lots of people who will thrive doing everything that would annoy the violent intolerant Saudi millionaire brat who hurt and killed or maimed so many.

The atrocious criminal was pitched into the depths of the ocean and there won’t be a lot left of him by now. His beard might resurface and wash up on a shore but it will look like rotting seaweed. A gull might take a swoop and a look. But beards don’t merit much attention.

My academy idea is to politely request the House of Saud into building an academy dedicated to obscuring the legacy of their fallen son.

Repentance? No that’s not their family business. What he did wasn’t their fault. And I’m not wishing to blame them. But wouldn’t it be encouraging if an academy was…

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