The World Cup is NOT Fixed

Escaping Eddies

Despite the actions of the referee in Thursday’s Brazil vs Croatia game, I do NOT believe that the World Cup is fixed. I also believe in unicorns, honest politicians, friendly DMV employees and ethical insurance companies.

On most days during corner kicks you can see choke-holds, arm-bars, full-nelsons, half-nelsons, eye-gouges, bear-hugs and players even popping each other with tazers from time to time, but fouls are rarely if EVER called. It’s curious to me…wait, I mean “mind-boggling” oops, I mean “suspicious” to me that the referee in Thursday’s World Cup opening match would call a penalty kick against Croatia and IN FAVOR of the home team for something so innocuous as a little hand on the shoulder.

NOBODY and I mean NOBODY thinks it was a penalty kick. But the “man in the middle” did and that is all that matters. And that, is a major problem. After Neymar buried…

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