I’m Not Ashamed

Run With It

This song is based off Matt. 28:19-20, often called “The Great Commission,” and was spoken by Jesus to his disciples. It is also based off Acts 1:8, which were Jesus’ words to his disciples concerning the sending of His Holy Spirit to them after he left the earth and ascended back to heaven. It is also based off Rom. 1:16-17, which Paul taught concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ and its power for the salvation of people’s lives for eternity. Jesus has commissioned each and every one of us who are his disciples and followers to go and to make disciples, and to teach them to obey Christ’s commands.

Yet, we do not do this in our own power or strength. We are Christ’s witnesses when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, which is when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives to be our Lord and Savior…

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